Detail Ultrasonic Nebuliser & Humidifier, LS2000+

Ultrasonic nebuliser and humidifier

  • Recommended for the treatment of respiratory pathologies through aerosols and humidification sessions
  • Aerosols generated through ultrasonic technology
  • Optimal size and great homogeneity of the particles for greater treatment efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Enables the nebulisation of volume from 2 to 30 ml in aerosoltherapie and 0,2 to 1L in use as humidifier
  • Nebulisation sets:
    • Patented system Control’Dose® optimising the drug inhaled fraction
    • Set delivered with mask and valved mouthpiece reducing the vasted volume
  • Humidification sets:
    • Closed system avoiding direct contact with the device preventing infection & contamination risks
    • Universal connecting system compatible with most typs of sterile water bottles


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